Check out the Surf

See what the surf is like on all the beaches local to Lobb Fields camp site.

Croyde Bay

One of the UK's most popular surf destinations, this is a high-quality, hollow, peaky beachbreak, hemmed in by Downend Point to the south and Baggy Point to the north. The currents and swells conspire to produce heavy, low-tide barrels and excellent waves as the tide pushes in. The average surf here tends to be a bit smaller than in Cornwall, but six-foot Croyde can offer board-breakingly good Hossegor-like conditions.

Gets crazy busy in small summer waves.

Saunton Sands

This huge stretch of dune backed sand is known for its long, gentle, peeling waves that are perfect for longboarders, and as such has become something of a Mecca for loggers. Fairly consistent and works through the tides, it's also popular with beginners. The paddle back out can be a chore in anything other than small waves.

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