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5 things you probably didn’t know about surfing

One thing’s for certain: with all of the beautiful stretches of coastline in North Devon, it’s little wonder we’re visited by so many surfers keen to catch some waves. There’s so much you can learn about surfing: everything from the lingo and wave types to board materials and its history. After all, down here it’s a lifestyle as well as a hobby. So, while it’s chilly out and only the very brave are in the water, why not test yourself on your surfing knowledge. See how much you know from our round up of surprising facts: 

  1. Surfing actually started out in Hawaii and Polynesia, as a sport which everyone could get involved with – anyone regardless of gender, class and social standing was out enjoying the waves.
  2. Hotdoggers Longboard Surf Club is the UK’s oldest and largest longboard club, and it’s based just down the road at Saunton Beach
  3. The wider the board, the more stable you are. This might sound obvious but, the more water you cover with your board, the less your weight transfer will make you rock around. The width also shows what the board is designed for: if the widest point is below the centre, it’s best for small waves: if it is above the centre, its perfect for big waves.
  4. The board’s material is also important when you’re trying to achieve the best result for your experience level. A foam board makes it a lot easier as a beginner, because it has the best stability in the water. Other options include fibreglass, open and closed epoxy, and hand-shaped or molded epoxy surfboards.
  5. There’s a whole host of surfing lingo which you can add to your vocab. The ‘line-up’ is the area in the water where surfers will wait for surf; an ‘a-frame’ is a perfectly-shaped wave peak breaking both left and right; ‘backwash’ is when a waves returns to the ocean from the beach and collides with other waves; and ‘bogging’ can happen if your weight is too far back on the board and its nose rises.

We can arrange surfing lessons and we have on-site kit hire throughout the season so whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we reckon that when it comes to surfing it doesn’t get much better than a trip out to one of our stunning beaches.

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