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Rainbow kite flying beside the sea

September fun

Now that the Bank Holiday is over, we look ahead to a fun-filled September and the meteorological start of autumn. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite seaside games for all ages to join in that will keep everyone entertained while the seas are still warm and the beaches quieter.

Relay races: surf style

This is a game of both speed and balance, but we’ve upped your ordinary school egg and spoon race to suit the North Devon surroundings. Line up at the starting mark, then run to the sea as quickly as you can. Fill a bucket up with sea water and run back with it to the finish line. Try not to be too clumsy, because if your bucket is more than half empty you’ll have to run back to the sea for a refill!   

We dig dig dig…

Digging a pit in the sand is great fun, so why not make a competition out of it? Just count down 3… 2… 1… then dig like mad! The competitors will have a rapid 30 seconds to dig as deep as they can into the sand (just remember to make sure that no one is stood behind and gets sand flung in their face).

Let’s go fly a kite

Who doesn’t love flying a kite when we’ve got beautiful blue skies outside? But remember, there’s no need to splash out on an expensive model. You can get good kites for less than a fiver which will keep you (and your little ones, of course) entertained for hours.

Treasure Island

The beach is filled with hidden gems, so why not encourage the family to unleash their pirate side and scavenge the sands on your own treasure hunt. Write up a list of items for everyone to find (for example a feather, seaweed, a perfectly flat rock, a pink shell, etc.), and the first person to return to base with all of the items is the winner.

We hope you have a fab start to the autumn and, don’t forget to tag your pics on social media with #lobbfields – we’d love to see them

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