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Camping essentials

There are a few items that are a necessity when camping, and while it may seem obvious to some to pack these items when visiting Lobb Fields, it can’t hurt to go over the absolute essentials for camping newbies.

As you know, camping is a great opportunity to reconnect with nature, spend some quality time with the family, take a break from your devices and leave the stresses of our current situation behind for a bit.

So here are some top tips to help you make your home camping trip extra special:


A good sleeping bag. Dont cheat, of course you can use your duvet as you are at home, but where is the fun in that? Choose a sleeping bag which will keep you at a comfortable temperature throughout the night, while also giving you plenty of room to move around in your sleep.

The main thing that might stop your camping holiday from being the super-relaxing night away that you’re hoping for would be a bad night’s sleep. But, there’s plenty of clever hacks that you can use to cosy up your tent or house fort (!). Make sure that everyone has plenty of room, and make the most out of porch areas to store your gear away from your sleeping area.

Also, the more space between you and the ground, the better. So use your sleeping mats, inflatable air beds (or both) to keep as much insulation between you and the floor as possible.


How you decorate your pitch can make such a difference if it is cosy and attractive. Get the kids to paint some pictures or some bunting to place around your plot. A couple of sticks, some pegs and some garden string make an effective artwork showcase to line the patch to your tent!

Have a some comfy chairs – anything from your standard camping chairs, to plush loungers and even bean bags or floor cushions – and your tent will be transformed into a delightful snug space, perfect for relaxation.


Don’t sacrifice good food just because you’re camping; or because you are at home. Get creative and pack up some great BBQ ideas, trail mix (see previous post about this) and some great breakfast ideas and eat them outside your tent, for a truly authentic camping vibe.

Don’t forget cosy luxuries too

Why not bring a few of your cosy creature comforts with you? There’s no shame in bringing your favourite snuggly pair of slippers camping with you, plus a hot water bottle, a sleeping mask and some earplugs can really improve your night’s sleep. This is even more possible now we are all closer to home!

We hope you are all keeping safe and well during the current situation, and we hope to welcome you back to Lobb Fields very soon.

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