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2021 Enviro-Camping

We are looking forward to a great 2021 at Lobb Fields and seeing all of our new and returning guests.

With looking after our precious environment receiving more and more media attention, we have put together a few ideas for how you can be a more ethical and eco-friendly camper while staying with us.

Leave only footprints

This golden rule of camping has been coined for a reason. Pack a couple of bio-degradable bin bags ready for the end-of-trip rubbish sweep and make sure you separate any plastics, glass or cardboard for recycling later on.

Use those legs

One of the best parts about staying at Lobb is the fantastic access to the South West Coast Path and Tarka Trail. So, forget driving between beaches, pack or hire a bike and go forth. You’re in the Great British Outdoors after all.

Give the electronics a break

Going on a camping trip means putting the phone on silent and packing it in the depths of your bag. Don’t even bother with an iPad or laptop – you’re going to be too busy immersing yourself in the gorgeous surroundings to take any notice. Same goes for packing luxuries like hair straighteners and dryers and any electrical product you don’t desperately need for your stay – and if you do want your creature comforts, we’ve got them at Lobb.

Shop second hand

First time camping and don’t have the funds for new camping gear? Start shopping second hand, it’ll save you a small fortune and you’ll be reducing waste.

Buy from Braunton

Buying fresh foods locally is incredibly important to the Braunton community, not only are you putting money back into the local economy but the produce tastes much fresher as it’s been picked, harvested or made nearby and hasn’t had to travel long distances.

Avoid plastic

Take little steps to help avoid unnecessary waste. Pack a water bottle and ask for refills when visiting cafes and bring bags with you if you plan on going shopping. Bringing your four-legged friend? Invest in some bio-degradable waste bags.

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