Coronavirus statement

Lobb Fields have always taken very seriously their duty of care to both their customers and their staff.  This is particularly the case this year with the advent of Coronavirus.  Everyone needs a holiday; Lobb are taking great care to protect our customers and staff on site in preparation for our park opening on 14th July 2020, taking into account the nation’s worries surrounding Coronavirus.

All customers are advised to ensure at all times that they are up to date with advice given by the Government and Public Health England; this is changing very rapidly. 

All those who wish to stay at Lobb Fields this year are required to understand the conditions of access that Lobb Fields are laying down and the additional steps we are taking. We have decided that we will close certain communal areas, the most important ones being our WC and Shower blocks.  

Please be aware that the Government or Public Health England may impose further restrictions at short notice.

Facts on Safety, COVID-19

It is not possible to be specific but the incubation period is up to 14 days and the disease should last only 7 days according to the NHS.

The Incubation Risk

For anyone who has been exposed to the disease during incubation from another, access to Lobb Fields is to be denied for a period of 14 days from the start of the contact of the customer with the person incubating the disease.

The Patient

Providing there is a normal rate of recovery, by Day 7 when the temperature should be normal although the cough may still be there, the disease should have run its course and be no longer infectious. Access to Lobb Fields is to be denied to anyone with the disease from Day 1 to Day 7 inclusive.

Thinking of Others

We have our customers and also our staff working on the site. We ask all our visitors to take great care not to be the source of infection to others, which includes following the on-site safety measures and where possible avoiding crowds and would ask customers to use their own facilities on-board their caravan or motorhome.


These will vary between very mild and more severe.  Please keep alert; they are:

  • High temperature
  • New continuous cough
  • Loss or change to your sense of smell or taste
  • Breathing difficulties

On site Instructions

Please read carefully this instruction and any other with which you may be issued on arrival listing the precautions, which are in everyone’s interest to follow, which you should take.  We summarise them below:

  1. Wash your hands in soap and water at frequent intervals
  2. Dry your hands with paper towels, and then place them in the bin
  3. Bring with you soap, more effective than anti-bacterial hand gels and wipes, and paper towels
  4. You will find bins in:
    • The washing up areas
    • Bin chambers around the park
  5. Bring a thermometer
  6. Our large pitches mean lots of fresh air for all our visitors. We emphasise that we are trying to provide a safe place for you to put your caravan from which to enjoy your holiday. 
  7. We suggest that you keep to yourselves on site, not what we normally suggest, and from Lobb Fields go and enjoy the vast areas of beaches and the rest of North Devon.
  8. Personal hygiene.  If you have need to make use of the WC in the middle of the night on no account go ‘behind a bush’.

We hope we have covered all your worries, that is the job of a responsible and caring holiday site. If you think we have left something out, please email Lobb Fields and let us have your suggestion(s).

Booking Terms and Conditions

Please note that our current Terms and Conditions still apply with regard to our no refund policy. We would still strongly recommend that independent travel insurance is considered. Read the updated booking conditions here.

The Positives

Lobb Fields has many positive factors.  Our pitches are some of the largest in the business and our staff are totally dedicated to you and to their job.

At Lobb Fields you have always been able to make precious family memories that last a lifetime; we are making every effort to ensure that happens this year and that everyone who stays with us has a happy and healthy holiday.

We are hugely looking forward to seeing our friends again and we hope new ones.  As always, we want you to enjoy your holiday with the comfort that all reasonable steps for your protection have been considered.  We hope this will alleviate any worries that you may have.  We genuinely believe that our part opening decision was correct; we were aware of its effect of requiring caravans to be self-sufficient.  However we will do all we can to look after you all and to make life as easy and fun as possible.


Lobb Fields will take the payment for the holiday as confirmation by the person who has taken the pitch, that all the information will be passed on to the remainder of the party, and in particular the two access conditions under Facts on Safety have been fully honoured.

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