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Garden or living room camping essentials

We’ve seen so many of you setting up home campsites in either your living rooms or gardens this past month and we have to say we have been very impressed with your ingenuity! From decorative campfires to great use of lighting, and even cooking breakfast outdoors, you’ve thought of itRead more

Looking up the campsite to hill beyond, caravans and cyclist on road

We are on pause

Dear valued visitors and friends Sadly, due to the current coronavirus situation at the moment, it would appear that we are unlikely to open this season, but that could change. The health of our customers, staff and local residents is paramount as we are sure you will understand which isRead more

reusable cup lake

2020 Enviro-Camping

We are looking forward to a great 2020 at Lobb Fields and seeing all of our current and new customers. With looking after our precious environment receiving more and more media attention, we have put together a few ideas for how you can be a more ethical and eco-friendly camper while staying with us.

Rainbow kite flying beside the sea

September fun

Now that the Bank Holiday is over, we look ahead to a fun-filled September and the meteorological start of autumn. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite seaside games for all ages to join in that will keep everyone entertained while the seas are still warm andRead more

Camping etiquette

We bust some of the unwritten rules of camping, so you can be the perfect camping neighbour on your next visit to us. While most may seem like common knowledge, it’s good to have a reminder so you can enjoy your holiday stress free. #1 Nobody likes a noisy neighbour.Read more