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Camping etiquette

We bust some of the unwritten rules of camping, so you can be the perfect camping neighbour on your next visit to us. While most may seem like common knowledge, it’s good to have a reminder so you can enjoy your holiday stress free.

#1 Nobody likes a noisy neighbour.

Having a little speaker to play music as you chill out in the sunshine is brilliant, just make sure you’re not blasting out your tunes on max volume, as you may incur the odd evil eye. We’d also recommend taking it down to hush tones come late evening, otherwise you might begin hearing loud shushes from campers trying to get some shut eye.

#2 Bright lights

There might not be any hard and fast rules when it comes to lights at campsites, but try and consider how bright your torches, campervan lights (or other) is affecting others in the dark of night. Gazing up at a night’s sky teeming with stars is beautiful, though can be slightly distracting when accompanied by a strong stream of artificial light. The same follows for getting settled for a restful slumber but being impossibly frazzled by strong lights wading in through your tent.

#3 Keep it clean

Yes, this one is pretty basic, but easy to ignore and nobody likes a litter bug. Keep things clean as you go, bring a couple black bin bags ready, so you don’t need to panic clean as you come to the end of your stay.

#4 Impossibly playful pooch?

Make sure you pack a dog lead and use it. This will stop wild pups having a nosy in neighbours’ tents, destroying items or causing general mayhem. It’ll keep you sane and not destroy your chances of making friends with fellow campers.

#5 Green is good

Help support Plastic Free North Devon. Keep a hold of your recyclable waste and ensure it goes away in recycling bins not general waste. By doing so you’ll help keep our luscious surroundings beautifully green and our oceans clean.

#6 Good vibes only

Everyone’s there for a good time so it’s important to be friendly with your neighbours. Whether it’s just polite greetings or a friendly natter, keep up the good vibes all round.

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