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Camping at home?

So we are all staying at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t camp in your gardens or living rooms to keep everyone amused in the short term!

We’ve been thinking up things you can make while at home, and good practice for when you can visit us again.

We thought that this recipe might be fun to do. Did you know that trail mix originally came over from the States, and it provides the perfect high energy snack to keep you going. It’s light-weight, portable and full of
energy-dense, nutritious ingredients.

But there’s no need to buy expensive pre-made mixes; it’s super easy to make and is a perfect activity to get the kids into the camping spirit.

Below is a basic, base recipe for trail mix, enough for approx 20 snack-size servings.

Ingredients (you may have most of these in the cupboards)
● Half a cup of nuts
● 1 cup of raw seeds
● 1 cup of dried fruit
● Half a cup of fun stuff (the choice is yours, chocolate, cereals etc)

Then all you need to do is chop all of the larger ingredients so that they are roughly all the same size, mix them all together and store in a ziploc bag or a mason jar. It will keep for up to a month.

Here are some different ideas of ingredients that you could use in your trail mix. There’s lots of different ideas (and endless combinations) for you to shake up your snacks, depending on what you fancy – whether it’s a fun healthy twist, or something to satisfy a sweet tooth.

● Almonds
● Cashews
● Brazil nuts
● Pistachios
● Pecans

Seeds and grains:
● Pumpkin seeds
● Sunflower seeds
● Popped popcorn (no oil or salt added)
● Rice crackers
● Rice crispies
● Bran flakes
● Shredded wheat cereal
● Granola

● Dried cranberries
● Dried cherries
● Raisins
● Apricots
● Banana chips
● Dried mango
● Dried apple
● Coconut flakes
● Dried blueberries
● Goji berries

Fun stuff:
● Dark chocolate
● M&Ms
● Cacao nibs
● White chocolate chips
● Pretzels
● Mini marshmallows
● Wasabi peas
● Coffee beans
● Dried ginger

You could also add a teaspoon of spices to the mix, such as:
● Sea salt
● Nutmeg
● Cinnamon
● Curry powder
● Chilli powder
● Chai seeds
● Garlic powder

Savoury or sweet, there’s loads of different options and combos that you can use to make your dream trail mix. Why not get the little ones involved in the idea generation too? – providing they don’t only pick sweets!

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