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A letter from the Lobb Fields family

To our loyal Lobb Fields guests and friends,

I want to take a moment to explain in more detail why we have adopted the present summer policies at Lobb Fields Caravan and Camping Park.

I have run the campsite for 20 years and always felt that our Lobb customers are special, almost extended members of the family, to whom we feel a great duty of care. Part of my job, particularly this year, is to make Lobb Fields a safe and happy base for holidays in North Devon.

However, this year is very different. Communal facilities were originally not going to be opened by the government, this was clearly not a sustainable policy as we saw. When it was reversed, I was surprised that shower blocks were included in the facilities to open, as the length of time spent changing, having a shower, drying and changing seemed unacceptable to me in contrast to the simplicity of basins and WCs.

By adhering to the government’s guidelines and using common sense, we can help prevent the virus from spreading. That is why we decided to revert to what could be considered old-fashioned caravanning, allowing self-sufficient visitors with their own hygiene facilities to stay. The very hard-working managers and staff are doing an outstanding job in gently managing these government safety measures. 

Every time I walk around the campsite and talk to those staying this year I am hugely impressed with how happy and relaxed they all are, clearly enjoying a slightly different but rather special holiday from a worry-free base. It makes me realise there is more to life than just a hot shower!  

I understand there are many who do not agree and long for the return to what have been described as the best showers in the West Country, but sadly that will not happen this year. We will revert to normal next year and, in the meantime, I ask all our friends wherever they are, if they can find the time to come and enjoy a different but still very special holiday at Lobb. The views are just as stunning, the beaches are big enough to find your usual secluded spot and it would be wonderful to see you again in these difficult times.

With the family’s and my very best wishes,

Jeremy and the Lobb Fields family

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